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Since 2014 Scaler.IO has operated as a boutique DevOps consulting firm which takes new customers primarily on referrals. Our consultants must have at least 10 years of work experience and cumulatively bring decades of expertise in distributed systems, cloud computing, and information security. We take pride in delivering quality work on time and work with our customers to find the best solutions within their budgets.

What we do?

Scaler.IO works with customers to help augment their in-house DevOps needs. We are seen as team-members within our customer's technology organizations and often become actively engaged at the strategic level.

Our core competencies include:

Past Projects

Cost Reduction Engagement

Scaler.IO effectively reduced the monthly hosting costs of a major Ad Tech Vendor by 50% and over $300k USD annually by re-writing inefficient PHP and Python web services in GoLang, removing inefficient virtualization layers, and conducting hardware appropriate kernel tuning.

Big Data Architecture

During a 6 month period, Scaler architected and built a custom big-data pipeline and query solution for a customer injesting a billion 3 kilobyte documents per day at a fraction of the cost of comparable AWS solutions

DevOps Harmony

For a major Content Delivery Network, Scaler architected, built, and deployed a dev-ops infrastructure which allowed for the automated deployment of edge computing nodes regardless of the hosting environment (Cloud + Private Cloud).

Global Service Load Balancing

For a major Security and VPN company, through the implementation of a custom developed DNS server + Anycast infrastructure, Scaler architected a global service load balancing solution which would route users to the closest datacenter based on latency and based on individual device profile information.

Just some of the technologies we work with:

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